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Successful completion of a building construction relies on multi-disciplinary teams, working efficiently for meeting common objectives. Successful completion of a project depends upon harmonious and transparent work environment between various agencies; the architects, engineers, contractors and the clients. Good management has a major impact on project timeframe. Prompt payments to various agencies, approvals on drawings and quick decisions on project operations help overall work efficiency and timely completion of the project.

Scope/ Services GEC Offers (as PMC/CIVIL CONTRACTOR)

  • Pre Planning of Site.
  • Site Set-up (Site planning like: Lab Hutments, Water & Power Management etc.)
  • Co-ordination with all Consultants; Architects, Structure, MEP, Interior etc.
  • Get drawings from them.
  • Get their site visits and obtain certificates.
  • Get quantity analysis and estimation from them.
  • Making bar chart and targets.
  • Finalization of amenities and specifications with client.
  • Appointment of labour contractors/consultants.
  • Work agreements between client and them.
  • Technical supervision.
  • Submission of status reports of work at different intervals.
  • Finalization of material by their quality.
  • Asking/Providing material test reports at required stages.
  • Selection of various agencies & Selection of various consultant.
** On behalf of client / architect checking and approving any of work after completion in all respect, if required.

The width and depth of our experience helps us take care of every stage of the construction cycle. We (GEC) also work as a Civil and Electrical contractor, Structural Consultants, Electrical Consultants, for small projects upto 30,000 sqft builtup at Raipur. Our on-site work is ably supported by our office where we have progressive management systems and responsive softwares.
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