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Our name GEC Consultants is basically relates to Old Government Engineering College, Raipur (GEC), as most of members of our group are graduat from their. And hence, provide good performance is our responsibility to develop it everyday, through every work opportunity, big or small. Our aim is simple to Provide the best construction advice, quality and service to our Client/Architect. GEC delivers quality solutions in a systematic and cost-effective way. We strive to add significant value to your project at all stages of work.

When you approach GEC, you will be dealing directly with the principals, who head a team of professionals. We have substantial breadth of experience, particularly in Raipur CG.

Building Construction relies on multi-disciplinary teams working efficiently for meeting common objectives. Successful completion of a project depends upon harmonious and transparent work environment between various agencies, the architect/ engineer and the client.

Good management in any construction group has a major impact on project timeframe. Prompt payments to various agencies, approvals on drawings and quick decisions on project operations help overall work efficiency and timely completion of the project.

In a building project, as a client, they used to face several problems while executing construction projects. We (GEC) realized that very few construction organizations had systematic approach to project execution. They often overlooked basic site set-up like labor hutments, water provision, storage, power arrangements, machinery, equipment, Good quality of construction and manpower planning, etc. This disturbs systematic and organized work on the site leading to wastage of time, effort, energy and money.

This experience led us (GEC) to specialize in partial Project Management Consultancy / Civil Contractor at Raipur (C.G.). We provide a wide range of Project Management Consultancy / Contractor services from managing the construction of a project to directing the entire process from conception to completion. Frankly we help Architects/Clients to get relieve of most exceptional responsibilities of the project. It enables the clients to focus on their core business and tasks.
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